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PartyBoat Lugano Taxi

Taxi Boat Service

Choose freely when to depart, return, and even the departure location, even directly from your hotel!


We'll take you to the picturesque grottos on the shores of the lake or wherever you desire

Poltrone comode sulla Party Boat

Most frequently used routes:

1. Lugano - Cantine Gandria (CHF 140.-)

- Grotto Descanso, Grotto Teresa

2. Lugano - Gandria (CHF 140.-)

- Ristorante Roccabella, Ristorante Antico, Locanda Gandriese

3. Lugano - Caprino (CHF 100.-)

- Grotto dei Pescatori, Grotto San Rocco, Grotto Antico Caprino

4. Lugano - Pojana (CHF 200.-)

- Ristorante Pojana, Grotto Pojana

5. Lugano - Morcote (CHF 300.-)

- All restaurants.

Sailing price per hour: 250.- CHF

Prices for 4 people round trip.

Each additional person - CHF 10.-

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